Choosing the Best Laptop Backpacks

If you are choosing a backpack for college, then selecting the best laptop backpack will more than likely be an important decision. Choosing the right bag for your needs depends on a few factors: size of your laptop, additional storage needs, style, and other features that you need from your bag.

The first factor in choosing a backpack is the size of your laptop. Most laptops come in 13”, 15”, and 17” sizes. Before you make a purchase, make sure that the bag you choose will fit your computer. You might even consider taking your laptop with you just to be sure that it fits. If you’re buying online, check the description and features. Just because it’s a laptop bag doesn’t mean that it will fit every laptop. Check the fit or dimensions before you buy.

The second thing to consider is additional storage needs. What else do you need to carry? Can you get away with less storage because most of your books or online? Or will you need extra room for books and other school supplies?  Regardless of your storage needs, there is sure to be a backpack that you will like.

Next, choose a bag that fits your style. There are all kinds of laptop bags that don’t necessarily fit into the “backpack” category. There are messenger bags, laptop bags, backpacks, and more. What kind of material will you choose? Do you like the more formal leather bags or will you go for a more casual canvas look? Whatever you choose, remember that you’ll be carrying it with you quite often. Choose something that fits your style and that you will use for a while. Also, make sure to pick a backpack made from quality material. Consider at an investment in your education and in protecting your college gear.

best laptop backpacks2Finally, consider other features that bags have to offer. Do you need an organizer for pens, business cards, and other essential items? Do you need extra compartments for additional gear or supplies? Do you need space for snacks and drinks? Backpacks vary not only in size but in functionality. Some backpacks feature side mesh pockets for water bottles. Some even feature internal bladders where you can store water and access via a tube and valve that clip onto the front strap. Other backpacks are specially designed with the commuter in mind. Whatever you choose, make sure that your bag is quality and will last you a long time.