Messenger Bags for Men

Whether you need a messenger bag for work, school, or something else, there are lots of different styles and brands to choose from that can fit any budget. Factors to consider when choosing a messenger bag include features, size, looks, and price.

These are some questions to ask yourself before making a purchase:

  1. Does it need to hold a laptop?
  2. What size messenger bag do I need?
  3. What other features are important to me (room for other electronics, water bottle holder, cell phone pocket, etc.)?
  4. How much am I willing to spend?

Does it need to hold a laptop?

messenger bagsMany messenger bags come with a laptop compartment. Based on the size of your laptop, you will need to determine which bag will fit your computer. You want to make sure your laptop fits in your bag if this is an important feature to you.  Consider a messenger bag if you need a backpack for college. 

What size messenger bag do I need?

Messenger bags come in all sizes. They range from small to extra-large depending on the brand. The small bags can fit a small laptop plus some books or other essential items for work (files, project folders, etc.). The extra-large bags can fit a large laptop, books, files, extra electronics, plus a small mammal or two (not really).

What other features are important to me?

Depending on what else you need, a messenger back can be very functional whether you are a college student needing a bag or a commuter riding the train to work each day. Each person needs different features. There are bags with space for extra electronics or smaller bags that will let you travel light if you don’t need the extra space and functionality.

Some bags offer space for multiple electronics for the tech geek. Other bags offer room for water bottles, and other gear for the outdoorsman (or woman!); still other bags offer sleek designs and extra secure straps for the urban bicycle commuter.

Do I like the way the bag looks?

Style is important. If you carry your bag with you on a daily basis, you want to look good carrying it. There are so many options when it comes to bag styles. Do a little research before you buy. You want your bag to fit your stuff and your style. There are all kinds of materials and looks to choose from.  If you can turn a few heads with your bag, why not?

How much am I willing to spend?

This might be the most important factor when buying a bag other then the features you need. You can pay anywhere from $30 to well over $200 on your purchase. This depends on brand, style, functions, and more. If you want to pay less, you’ll have to do some shopping around and waiting, but you can save money and get the bag you want (or close to it). If you’re willing to spend more, then by all means, go out and get the bag you want and deserve! Just make sure it fits all your criteria before you drop some serious dough.