The Top 5 Backpack Brands

There are many backpacks to choose from.  How do you know which ones are worth buying and which are not?  The best backpacks offer warranties and are made from quality material.  All of the following bags offer lifetime warranties on their products for the life of the bag (some are more limited than others.)  They will hold up whether you need it for school, work, backpacking, or just to lug all your stuff around.  Here are some of the top brands and their features and price range.


This is probably the most well-known backpack when it comes to backpacks for school.  Jansport packs have a lifetime warranty (pretty hard to beat if you have a rough and tumble boy in your house) and are made from ripstop nylon (which means they are hard to tear.)

If you are looking for a quality backpack on a budget, this would be a good backpack to consider.  With its warranty and quality, Jansport makes a good solid backpack with limited features.
Price range: $-$$

The North Face

Top 5 Backpack BrandsFor the outdoorsy, North Face is one of the brands to beat.  Their functionality and style (not to mention the North Face name) are second to none.  The North Face brand also offers a lifetime warranty against defects in the material or workmanship.  You will pay a little more for these backpacks, but many people feel that they are worth it.

North Face packs range from smaller backpacks for school to internal frame backpacks for the serious hiker or backpacker.  Make sure you check out each pack to be sure it has everything you need for your outdoor journey.
Price range: $$-$$$


Are you a highly adventurous person?  Would you like to try something different?  Then, consider a Dakine pack.  Dakine offers multiple styles and offers feature-rich backpacks.    Dakine offers backpacks for the serious outdoor enthusiast as well as for the urban commuter.

Dakine’s style is first rate and their bags are of the highest quality.  For the style-conscious, these bags are worth a serious look.  Like North Face, you will shell out some more money for these bags, but if you like the look and features, you probably won’t be disappointed.
Price range: $$-$$$


These feature-rich backpacks can be found online or at your local retailer.  These are probably some of the most popular bags for school.  You can spend a lot on these bags, but they are not all expensive.  Shop around for the best deal.

Most of these bags hold laptops and other essentials for work or school.  They offer plenty of storage and come in a variety of styles: backpacks, messenger bags, etc.
Price range: $-$$

High Sierra

Top 5 Backpack Brands2These backpacks offer a lot of different styles and features.  These backpacks range from smaller everyday, inexpensive backpacks to the larger, internal frame packs used for backpacking.

While some people may not feel these packs are as stylish as North Face or Dakine packs, they offer the same warranty and are also made from similar quality materials as their counterparts.  You’ll also save on some money going with this popular brand.  If you can find a style you like, you can’t go wrong with a High Sierra backpack.
Price range: $-$$$

Good luck on finding a backpack that you like.  If backpacks aren’t for you, check out other types of bags here.  Whatever you choose, any of these bags should serve you well and offer a bag that has both the features you need and a price that you can afford.